There are four steps the Children’s Trust aims to achieve in order to realize its vision.

Step 1: Build Consensus

  • Purpose: The California Children’s Trust is established to transform how we promote healthy development and health equity for children and families in California.
    • Establish research and analysis capacity
    • Develop communications strategy.
    • Establish infrastructure, funding and partnerships.
    • Engage public leaders.
    • Mobilize stakeholder coalition.
    • Identify short-term high value opportunities.

Step 2: Design the Solution

  • Financing: Funding is adequate and flexible.
  • Policies: Policies are enacted that enable greater access and quality.
  • Administration: State and counties have capacity to administer re-designed service delivery system.
  • Quality & Accountability: State and counties have capacity and common metrics to measure and report quality and standards of care.

Step 3: Institutionalize Change

  • Integrated Model: Effective and culturally appropriate behavioral health practices and strategies are integrated into all child-serving systems and community-based settings.

Step 4: Improve Child Well-Being

  • Healthy Development: Children and their family are supported to achieve developmental benchmarks.
  • Health Equity: Children have opportunities to lead healthy and productive lives regardless of factors such as race or ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender or residence.
  • Vision for Child Well-Being: All children in California have the support they need to realize their potential.