Data & Backgrounders

Data & Backgrounders

California Children & Youth Services Dashboard
State and County Data, FY13-14 to FY 16-17

California Children’s Trust has compiled a detailed summary of Specialty Mental Health Services delivered to various child and youth populations across the state. The dashboards enable county administrators and providers to identify important trends and comparisons at a local, regional and state level.

Overall Take-Aways

  • There have been striking increases in utilization and acuity for children across the state.
  • State and Federal Policy actions have increased MediCal Enrollment by over 30%.
  • Penetration and access rates have declined from already low rates.
  • Base non-federal revenues have increased significantly.
  • The penetration and access rates for children in foster care have remained flat.

A Promise from the Past Holds Potential for the Future:  The History of the EPSDT Benefit in Medicaid

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