Response to COVID-19

The following are recommendations and resources created and/or endorsed by the California Children’s Trust to help sustain mental and behavioral health supports for children and youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Issue Brief and Materials

April 2020: Stabilize and Sustain Youth Behavioral Health During COVID-19

California Children’s Trust outlines specific and immediate actions counties are taking to ensure we can Enable Telehealth, Maximize Medi-Cal Financing and Save the Safety Net.

Use this real-time County Action Tracker to see which counties have either voted to, or committed to, implementing the safety net strategies in the accompanying document titled “Stabilize and Sustain Youth Behavioral Health During COVID-19”. The tracker lists the actions counties are taking, and the number of Medi-Cal covered children and families that will be impacted.


California Children’s Trust has partnered in crafting recommendations to sustain behavioral health infrastructure and provide for continuity of essential mental health services for children.


Supporting the Social and Emotional Health of Children During COVID-19

In this presentation for a webinar hosted on March 27, California Children’s Trust’s Alex Briscoe, along with partners from California Alliance and Child Mind Institute, discussed concrete opportunities for funders to help stabilize and strengthen the fragile children’s mental health system. Learn about state and federal actions, adoption by local jurisdictions, and the current reality facing the delivery and financial viability of safety net programs and services.

Clinical Guidelines for COVID-19 Response

For mental health providers working with first responders, this Toolkit provides the “5 C’s of COVID-19”, a set of trauma-informed guidelines to support first responders who are working on the frontlines to help families and individuals.

Virtual Town Hall for Older Foster Youth

For funders and providers supporting older foster youth, this Town Hall presented concerns and needs from youth during this time of crisis, and provided ideas for increased support from child welfare experts including Jerry Milner, (Associate Commissioner at the Children’s Bureau in the Administration of Children and Families).

Behavioral Health Coronavirus Resources

A comprehensive list of Federal, state, and local updates and resources for Medicaid and MediCal providers of behavioral health services for children and youth.

Mental Health and Stress Management Resources for Children, Families, and Caregivers During COVID-19

Supporting Students During COVID-19

Resources for students, parents and educators to help ensure continued learning and connections to community supports.