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Your support will help California Children’s Trust continue to be a leading voice and resource amongst policymakers, advocates and funders in the movement to reimagine children’s mental and behavioral health.

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Reed Connell

Advocating With Youth, For Youth

We will know we have reached our goals when the children and youth we advocate for and with have helped to create a mental health system that works for them.

I started working with Alex Briscoe and the CCT team as part of my Youth Advisory Board role with the California Coalition for Youth. My first conversation with Alex was life-changing, literally, because he helped set me on a path of realizing my vision of launching a statewide high school peer-to-peer mental health support program. I have no doubt that CCT’s work will change the lives of youth across California, and it will not only happen FOR youth, but WITH youth.

Nghia Do, Youth Advocacy Board member with California Coalition for Youth & Founder of Youth Minds Alliance