Meeting the Moment: Empowering Advocates to Support Youth Mental Health

On February 2, the co-authors of “Meeting the Moment: Addressing Californa’s Growing Youth Mental Health Needs,” came together to discuss the Medi-Cal mental health entitlement, and provide specific recommendations for how California can better fulfill its obligation to our children and youth.

Webinar Recording


Alex Briscoe, Principal, California Children’s Trust (CCT)
Rachel Velcoff Hults, Senior Equity and Access Attorney, Health, National Center for Youth Law (NCYL)
Kim Lewis, Managing Attorney, National Health Law Program (NHeLP)
Ben Miller, Chief Strategy Officer, Well Being Trust
Chezia Tarleton and Levi Deatherage – Youth representatives from the  California Coalition for Youth Advisory Board

Meeting Materials 

Alex Briscoe – Fostering Recovery for Youth and Families Ben Miller – From Pain in the Nation to Healing in the Nation Kim Lewis and Rachel Velcoff Hults – Understanding EPSDT

Meeting the Moment: Addressing California’s Growing Youth Mental Health Needs

Coverage of Services to Promote Children’s Mental Health